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How and When to Take Creatine?

Weight trainers, bodybuilders and athletes are the most common users of creatine supplements for increasing their muscle mass. It’s been proven scientifically to help increasing muscle mass particularly in skeletal muscles. These are basically the fundamental rules of taking creatine. On the other hand, you should take into mind that everyone’s reaction to this supplement will be different depending on your diet, genetics, exercise level and body mass.

But to ensure that you are using this correctly, the following are general rules that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Rule number 1. Read the label and take as per the recommended dosage – you shouldn’t be taking more than the dosage suggested particularly if you’re new to taking creatine. A common dosage for 100% pure creatine monohydrate is 1 teaspoon. If ever you accidentally or intentionally use too much creatine, there are consequences to your action such as diarrhea and cramping. This will additionally make your kidney work harder than before in an effort to get rid of the excess creatine you have ingested.

Rule number 2. Mix creatine with 8oz. of water – if you don’t like the plain taste of water, you can mix your creatine supplement with a high fructose drink such as guava or mango. As you mix creatine in these juices, it can result to fast absorption of the supplement by your body. The basic dosage for creatine should be anywhere around 3mg. to 5mg a day.

Rule number 3. Make sure to dissolve the powder thoroughly – it is your responsibility to ensure that creatine is mixed thoroughly in water or juice. You should know that if there are too many creatine particles in your body, it will have a hard time absorbing it.

Rule number 4. Drink more water and avoid drinking alcohol – when you consume any form of creatine as supplement, staying hydrated is extremely important. With this in mind, make sure to increase your fluid intake and as much as possible, avoid alcohol. Drinking alcohol will dehydrate your muscles, diminishing the benefits that you can get from the supplement.

If you’re getting stomach cramps or feel bloated when you take creatine monohydrate, then you should consider decreasing the dosage you take. There is no loading stage when you make use of creatine or simply put, you could take the dosage recommended when you are starting out and can feel the effects almost immediately.

Taking supplements such as creatine when working out or for athletes are all normal but just remember that too much of something is bad and thus, learn how to use this supplement in moderation.

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