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Recent Medicinal Cannabis Use Discoveries.

You should not be surprised if your doctor give you a marijuana prescription to treat your health problems today. The intensive research on medicinal marijuana have discovered a lot of marijuana’s healing properties and the list continues increasing with time. CBD extracts medicinal marijuana drugs make the largest percentage of the available medicinal marijuana prescriptions but people can also smoke unprocessed medicinal marijuana to treat some diseases or improve symptoms. Discoveries such as Marijuana’s ability to control HIV and helping women to deal with menstrual cramps are some of the latest in medicinal marijuana field.

Deaths caused by HIV are still high in some countries even after the introduction of ARVs. Nowadays, people with HIV suffer more from inflammation related problems than from lack of immune systems as it was before the introduction of modern antiretroviral therapy. The fact that the immune system of people living with HIV is always fighting opportunistic diseases exposes them to inflammations in the brain and their white blood cells. Research shows that CBD in marijuana activates cannabinoid receptors that restrain inflammations in the brain and help people living with HIV maintain their cognitive function.

Another way in which medical Marijuana is being used today is in relieving period cramps. Women experience period cramps some days prior to menstruation and the condition can also persist during the menstrual days. Uterus contractions that are similar to mild labor contractions that women experience before delivery are the main cause of period cramps. To relieve the cramps, women can apply a cream of THC in the contraction area or smoke marijuana to relieve the cramps because research have shown that THC is a muscle relaxtant. Marijuana tampons that reduces period pain by enabling absorption of cannabinoids through the vaginal wall lining are also available.

Opioid addicts who find themselves back into addiction even after escaping it for some time can greatly benefit from medicinal marijuana. One way of escaping drugs addictions with less challenges is by slowly stopping the use of the drug by minimizing the amounts you take per day up to the time when you will feel that the body have become used to low drug levels. You can also use another less harsh drug like Marijuana for the time you are battling with addiction.

Apart from helping you when fighting addiction, cannabis can also reverse the damage done by some Opioids like heroine. By enhancing the release of Serotonin, marijuana can reverse the damage done by heroine to the glutamate transmitter and return you decision making capability to normal. The side effects of THC such as destruction in short term memory and paranoia can also be reduced with the help of CBD in medical marijuana.

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