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Things that You Should Know Regarding Male Infertility Treatment

According to the statistics around 12 percent of the women in the US who are in the range of 15 to 44 are having difficulty when it comes to getting pregnant or carrying that baby to term. Well, infertility has surely been termed as the state of a person’s inability to conceive or have such offspring is reduced greatly. Infertility is also known to be in more specific terms as the failure to conceive after one year of frequent intercourse even with no contraception.

Sterility is the irreversible case of infertility. In a lot of cases, the couples would achieve pregnancy within the first 6 months of trying. About 80 to 85 percent of the couples would get pregnant after twelve months of having that unprotected intercourse. On the next thirty-six months, around fifty percent of the couples will be able to conceive.

Definitely, it is wrong to say that infertility problem is just on the woman’s part because around a third have cases of infertility due to those female factors. The other third of cases, the infertility is because of the male factors. The other cases would be from unknown factors or a combination of the male and female factors.

The cases of that male infertility may include the abnormal sperm production, impaired sperm delivery, general health and lifestyle issues and also such exposure to particular environmental factors. Hormone cycle doesn’t just happen in women. The men would have such hormone cycle as well. But, there are big differences. But, instead of the guys having a whole month of hormone cycle like among the girl, the guys would have the entire hormone cycle in just 24 hours. Researchers have shown that the quality of the male sperm can also go down based on the person’s hormone cycle. Such lower sperm quality in men can surely reduce the person’s ability to impregnate.

In both genders, such signs of infertility would be known with growing age. Among the common causes of infertility in males would include bacterial infection, azoospermia, hormone disorders as well as the presence of such antibodies.

It is hard to search for signs of male infertility though obesity and excessive thinness are seen but for sure, andropause would result in easy detection of the male infertility signs. The indicators of such male infertility in males would include weight gain, regular hair loss, an excess of fat in the abdomen, wrinkles, erection problem, low levels of male libido and a lot more. For you to get the right help that you need, then it would be very important that you see a male fertility specialist and get the proper infertility treatment.

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